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Frequently Asked Questions

Product FAQ's

If you have any questions about the our products , please do email or call 0208 979 3592 and speak to one of our specialised team. Although the answer you are looking for maybe listed below:

Is it ok for my pet to ingest any of the Anicura products?

All our products are safe if accidently ingested. Cats and dogs have a natural tendency to lick themselves clean and our products have been developed to sink into the skin quickly. However, the longer you can prevent your pet from licking, the better of course. Feel free to cover up the area after applying the product if you feel necessary.

Can I use Anicura products if my pet is pregnant or has a litter?

All the ingredients we use are not known to have any side effects related to pregnancy or breast-feeding. As such we consider our products to be safe. That said, generally speaking there is very little data around use during pregnancy of most products on the market so if you have any doubts at all we recommend taking some advice from your vet.

Are your products tested on animals or contain animal derived ingredients?

Salcura products are not tested on animals and contain no ingredients derived from animal sources. For a full breakdown of ingredients (by product) please go to the ingredients section.

Can I buy Anicura products at my local pet shop?

Yes, a number of stores and grooming salons carry our products and we are working hard to make sure this list grows quickly. If you have a local store or salon that you want to see us stocked in, please get in touch and let us know at

Will Anicura products react with my pet?

Our products contain only 100% natural or naturally derived ingredients and are free from many substances that commonly cause a skin reaction such as parabens, alcohol, lanolin and paraffin. That said, we cannot guarantee our products will not cause a reaction as while unlikely, some cats and dogs may still have an allergy to the natural ingredients we use. We advise that you check the ingredient list on the products pages to check if our products contain any ingredients you know you cannot use on your pet.

How long do Anicura products take to work?

There is no quick and simple answer to this as what works a certain way for one dog or cat will work differently for another. However, if you buy an Anicura product you will see a marked improvement in the appearance of the affected area within a few days with skin returning to normal in most cases after 6 weeks. Don't forget we have a 30 Day Guarantee on all of our products so if you are not happy with the results within 30 days then you get your money back!

Which preservatives do we use in our products?

Essential oils like tea tree oil and manuka oil all have scientific proof of their capabilities of being anti-bacterial and anti-microbial and therefore are not only great for dealing with the symptoms on the skin but also as the preservative system within the products. However, in order to ensure some of the highest standards in regulatory compliance and safety we do have to use other supporting preservatives with highly documented evidence of their safe use on skin as well as being skin friendly and highly effective.

The preservative we have chosen to use is Phenoxyethanol which can be found naturally in green tea, but the commercial ingredient is synthetically produced in a laboratory creating what's termed a "nature identical" chemical. To briefly explain the technical process – it is created by treating phenol with ethylene oxide in an alkaline medium which all reacts to form a pH-balanced ingredient.

We use phenoxyethanol in a very low concentration as a preservative in some but not all of our products. In our industry the most frequently used preservatives include parabens and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives both of which are classes of chemicals with demonstrable evidence of potential health risks and therefore we prefer using Phenoxyethanol as it is very safe at low levels. It's been tested on the (human) skin and eyes and it is non-irritating and non-sensitizing at levels of 2.2% or lower while being effective at only 1% concentrations. The European Union and Japan both approve its use up to that 1% level and our formulas fall well below the recommendation at 0.5% or less (depending on the specific product).

One of the key reasons we use Phenoxyethanol in particular is because it is Ecocert and Soil Association approved - these two organisations put a huge amount of resources behind researching and validating ingredients and so we trust their well-informed judgement. What's more, it's included in the Handbook of Green Chemicals and is also Whole Foods Premium Body Care approved. Their standards, developed by a team of scientists over the course of many years, are some of the strictest available. If these two credible sources give it a thumbs-up, we do too.

What is the shelf life of Anicura products?

Typically 12 months after opening, but check individual product labels. We don’t use synthetic preservatives to extend the product shelf life.

Ordering FAQ's

If you have any questions about the our ordering the ordering products, please do email or call 0208 979 3592 and speak to one of our specialised team. Although the answer you are looking for maybe listed below:

Do I need to register to place an order?

No, we have a Quick Checkout which allows you to place an order without registering. However, registering an account will provide you with certain benefits so it is definitely recommendable!

What payment methods can I use online?

We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards, and Delta and Maestro debit cards through a reputable 3rd party agent – SecureTrading. We also accept payment via PayPal. We do not accept cheques, postal orders or cash. We are unable to accept cards that are due to expire within FIVE days of placing an order. Card details are checked and verified and goods are despatched once authorisation has been obtained.

What is my credit card security number?

Your credit card security number is the 3 or 4 digit number found on the reverse of your card on the far right of the signature strip.

When will I be charged?

Transactions on your card will be taken within 24hrs.

Do you accept returns?

So confident are we in our products that we DO offer a guarantee on all of our products! For full details please visit our dedicated guarantee section.

How do I receive my refund?

Refunds will be made to the card used for the original transaction, within 48 hours of receiving the items for refund. If your card has expired then refunds will be issued via a cheque to the billing account holder.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery time’s depend on the type of delivery service that is selected at checkout. Our Next day orders are always despatched out with DPD and you will be emailed full tracking information which have a guaranteed delivery next day and you will receive a text message with your hour delivery time-slot with the driver.

For our standard UK tracked service delivery can take between 2-5 working days. Deliveries are sent out with DPD and you will receive a notification from them in regards to your delivery number and how you can track your order. For our normal standard 99p, this is a non-tracked service and delivery can take up to 10 working days. This service is offered by Secured Mail who will pass on your parcel to Royal Mail for delivery

Do I pay a delivery charge for each item ordered?

One delivery charge will cover the whole delivery, regardless of number of items purchased.

Can I nominate a day or time for delivery?

At the moment we cannot nominate a time for delivery, however once your order has been despatched out with DPD you will have control as to when you would like your order and you can re-schedule the delivery date if needs be. We also offer a Saturday delivery for all of our customers who work during the week and may have trouble accepting a delivery outside of these times.

Do you offer Saturday delivery?

We now offer a Saturday delivery with DPD. This service is fully tracked and you will also receive a notification SMS with a one-hour window delivery slot. If you do not enter in your mobile number for SMS notification, you will receive an email confirming all the details.

How can I track my parcel?

You can track your order details (if your order is of a standard tracked service or above, unfortunately we do not offer this on our 99p standard) by going to and entering your consignment number from your notification email that DPD would have sent to you.

Is a signature required for my parcel on delivery?

A signature will always be required upon delivery unless the order has been despatched on our 99p non-tracked standard service. DPD will update you with information if you were not present at the time of delivery with an email or notification SMS text message.

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