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Autumn Allergies

Autumn Allergies
Spring is known for its allergens, but autumn has a few of its own which can affect our furry friends!

Bright mornings with a chill in the air is a sure sign that autumn is setting in, and after the summer we’ve had in the UK it’s quite refreshing!  I’m sure your four-legged friends think so too. 

It’s easy to think that the end of summer means the end of your pet’s allergies, but autumn brings with it its own set of allergens which can cause our furry friends some discomfort.

Unlike spring, which gives us new life, grass and pollen, autumn sees plants dying off, windier weather to mix up the allergens and the introduction of mold.

So what’s happening to cause a reaction?

Allergic reactions begin with the immune system over-reacting to an often harmless substance. The body then produces an antibody known as IgE.  The allergens then attach themselves to the antibody which sits on the body’s mast cells.  These cells then release histamine (amongst other chemicals) into the body, which promotes the uncomfortable symptoms associated with allergies.   

What to look out for?

If you’ve noticed your cat or dog scratching or licking a bit more, check their skin.  Allergies can cause red, itchy skin which gets inflamed from excess licking and chewing.  The hair might become thinner in the affected area, and occasionally disappear altogether if your dog/cat has been over-grooming.  You might notice red or runny eyes first, which is also an indicator that allergies are present, and a trigger to check over your pet thoroughly.

Minimising exposure to allergens is the best place to start, but as this is not always possible, then dealing with the symptoms to make your pet more comfortable is a good place to start.

Anicura’s products are made with itchy skin in mind. 

Our gel ointment for dogs or cats forms a soft layer over the skin to promote healing and is very soothing, and importantly is safe if ingested. Containing naturally active ingredients such as sea buckthorn and apple cider vinegar, the gel will nourish your pet’s skin and ease irritation.

Equally, our spray for dogs or cats soothes the skin by providing instant relief as the fine particles of the spray quickly sink into the skin.  Some of our customers use both the gel and the spray together for the ultimate nourishing care.

If you find you need to bathe the affected area of skin, our gentle and naturally fragranced shampoo for dogs or cats helps to moisturise and nourish the skin to promote health and healing.

It’s important to avoid gels or tinctures that contain alcohol as this can irritate the skin further.

During an allergic reaction, it is wise to lessen the load on the immune system in general, which means keeping stress to a minimum and ensuring a high-quality diet.

If at any stage you are concerned that the symptoms are worsening, or if your pet has breathing difficulties due to respiratory allergies, then you should seek advice from your vet straight away.

Once you are armed with information about autumn allergies, and a toolkit to deal with them, then you and your furry friends can enjoy running through the leaves and be comfortable at the same time.

The information given in any Anicura Blog is for personal interest and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any condition. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice and anyone with a health issue, or is on medication, should consult their doctor before making changes to their diet and exercise routine.

Seek advice from a medical practitioner or complimentary therapist before using essential oils if you are pregnant or are on medication. Keep essential oils out of the reach of children. In the case of contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean, cool water. Always dilute essential oils before using them on your skin, unless directed otherwise by an aromatherapist.

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